Satellite Tracking Software

Name: PC-Track

Version: 3.1 (May 1995)

Author: Thomas C. Johnson, Johnson Scientific International

E-Mail: Unknown

Purpose: PC-TRACK is a simple but sophisticated means of tracking earth orbiting satellites. PC-TRACK is capable of tracking up to 300 satellites simultaneously in 3D or on a flat mercator projection!

PC-TRACK is useful to amateur radio and weather satellite users, science teachers, experimenters, and serious satellite users. Use it for demonstrating orbital mechanics, predicting availability times, making presentations, performing satellite constellation studies, and general orbital analyses. PC-TRACK uses satellite data readily available from NASA and other sources.


Operating Systems: MS-DOS (runs under Windows 3.x and Windows 95 in full-screen mode)

URL: Available at

Sample Screens

TLE Data Space Data
Current GPS
Archives EOP
Documentation Space Weather
SATCAT Columns
Boxscore Software
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