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Current as of 2020 Aug 11 19:59:22 UTC (Day 224)

Objects which have had their No Elements Available status removed, but do not yet have TLE data.

International Designator NORAD Catalog Number Satellite Name Source Period (minutes) Inclination (degrees) Apogee Height (km) Perigee Height (km) Last TLE
1967-068B 02883ATLAS CENTAUR R/BUS113.464.72,499265NEA
1970-046A 04418OPS 5346 US1,436.03.435,82035,747NEA
1974-020B 07244OPS 4547 US100.694.6809767NEA
1976-038A 08818OPS 6431 US103.763.31,371493NEA
1976-050B 08872TITAN 34B R/BUS512.562.829,534135NEA
1977-112A 10502OPS 8781 US103.363.31,440388NEA
1980-019A 11720OPS 7245 US95.963.2905214NEA
1980-052C 11852OPS 1292 US112.296.61,3291,326NEA
1981-107A 12930OPS 4029 US1,437.56.740,06431,565NEA
1982-041C 13172OPS 6553 US96.796.0601597NEA
1983-008A 13791OPS 0252 US106.063.31,706372NEA
1983-008B 13792SSD US107.163.31,614568NEA
1983-056A 14112OPS 6432 US106.163.31,725368NEA
1984-009A 14675OPS 0441 US1,434.86.939,49032,031NEA
1984-012A 14690OPS 8737 US106.063.31,725357NEA
1984-065C 15071USA 3 US96.595.9592585NEA
1985-010B 15543USA 8 US1,442.816.536,49435,340NEA
1986-014A 16591USA 15 US106.663.31,769372NEA
1987-043A 17997USA 22 US106.763.31,769381NEA
1988-077A 19458USA 31 US716.727.339,579722NEA
1988-078A 19460USA 32 US100.585.0783777NEA
1989-035A 19976USA 37 US1,436.17.939,85931,714NEA
1989-090B 20355USA 48 US1,429.418.236,87334,438NEA
1990-031A 20560USA 56 US97.889.9698607NEA
1990-031B 20561USA 57 US98.089.9711613NEA
1990-031C 20562USA 58 US97.889.9701609NEA
1990-050A 20641USA 59 US239.063.411,5551,201NEA
1990-050B 20682USA 60 US107.363.31,753450NEA
1990-050C 20691USA 61 US107.363.31,756448NEA
1990-050D 20692USA 62 US107.363.31,754449NEA
1990-097B 20963USA 67 US1,460.716.236,31936,215NEA
1990-097C 20964USA 67 R/B(1)US377.124.921,602221NEA
1991-076A 21775USA 72 US260.263.411,6802,567NEA
1991-076C 21799USA 74 US107.363.31,730477NEA
1991-076D 21808USA 76 US107.463.31,732477NEA
1991-076E 21809USA 77 US107.463.31,731477NEA
1992-023A 21949USA 81 US100.685.0788786NEA
1989-061G 22265USA 40 R/B DEBUS172.157.07,265479NEA
1992-086C 22519USA 89 R/BUS158.657.06,300359NEA
1993-026A 22638ALEXIS US100.569.9827739NEA
1993-026B 22639PEGASUS R/BUS100.669.9832740NEA
1994-026A 23097USA 103 US717.863.938,6311,724NEA
1989-061L 23131USA 40 R/B DEBUS160.057.06,280492NEA
1989-061M 23158USA 40 R/B DEBUS182.057.07,979540NEA
1994-054A 23223USA 105 US1,436.011.935,90735,662NEA
1989-061AB 23355USA 40 R/B DEBUS172.157.07,161578NEA
1989-061AL 23364USA 40 R/B DEBUS177.656.97,649527NEA
1989-061BE 23382USA 40 R/B DEBUS163.056.96,520494NEA
1989-061BG 23384USA 40 R/B DEBUS154.556.95,806514NEA
1989-061BK 23387USA 40 R/B DEBUS180.857.07,894535NEA
1989-061BM 23389USA 40 R/B DEBUS172.056.97,221511NEA
1989-061BR 23393USA 40 R/B DEBUS180.357.07,875515NEA
1989-061BS 23394USA 40 R/B DEBUS170.557.07,091520NEA
1995-022A 23567USA 110 US1,436.114.935,98535,589NEA
1995-034A 23609USA 112 US717.863.239,420933NEA
1996-026A 23855USA 118 US1,436.39.137,64433,938NEA
1996-029D 23862USA 122 US260.563.311,7162,548NEA
1996-029A 23893USA 119 US107.463.41,628584NEA
1996-029B 23907USA 120 US107.463.41,628584NEA
1996-029C 23908USA 121 US107.463.41,630582NEA
1996-029E 23936USA 123 US102.263.31,343378NEA
1996-029F 23937USA 124 US104.263.31,541370NEA
1997-068A 25034USA 136 US717.963.436,2494,111NEA
1998-029A 25336USA 139 US1,436.18.535,92435,650NEA
1999-017A 25669USA 142 (DSP 19) US618.328.934,749575NEA
1999-023A 25724USA 143 (MILSTAR-2 1) US153.628.25,1451,100NEA
1999-028A 25744USA 144 US148.563.53,1602,658NEA
2000-080A 26635USA 155 US1,436.09.035,80735,763NEA
2001-040A 26905USA 160 US107.463.41,457756NEA
2001-040B 26906ATLAS 2AS CENTAUR R/BUS107.163.51,426763NEA
2001-040C 26907USA 160 DEBUS107.463.41,455754NEA
2001-046A 26948USA 162 US1,436.010.835,79535,774NEA
2003-041A 27937USA 171 US1,436.111.235,98335,590NEA
2003-054A 28095USA 173 US107.463.41,406802NEA
2003-054B 28096ATLAS 2AS CENTAUR R/BUS107.463.71,280932NEA
2003-054C 28097USA 173 DEBUS107.463.41,406806NEA
2004-034A 28384USA 179 US717.763.638,9201,430NEA
1992-086N 28536USA 89 R/B DEBUS149.156.05,489433NEA
2005-004A 28537USA 181 US107.463.41,377836NEA
2005-004B 28538ATLAS 3B CENTAUR R/BUS107.263.81,1711,025NEA
2005-004C 28541USA 181 DEBUS107.463.41,377836NEA
2005-016A 28646USA 182 US99.257.0724715NEA
2005-042A 28888USA 186 US91.796.9450264NEA
2006-024E 29244DELTA 2 R/B(2)US327.526.118,427291NEA
2006-027A 29249USA 184 US717.862.938,2722,085NEA
2007-027A 31701USA 194 US107.463.41,317895NEA
2007-027B 31702ATLAS 5 CENTAUR R/BUS101.563.41,115544NEA
2007-027C 31708USA 194 DEBUS107.463.41,314898NEA
2007-054A 32287USA 197 (DSP 23) US1,502.05.338136,028NEA
2007-060A 32378USA 198 US717.863.139,704653NEA
2008-010A 32706USA 200 US717.963.338,1042,255NEA
2009-001A 33490USA 202 US1,436.05.835,84935,721NEA
2009-023A 34903STSS ATRR (USA 205) US102.498.9878866NEA
2009-047A 35815USA 207 US1,436.10.135,81935,753NEA
2009-052A 35937STSS DEMO 1 (USA 208) US112.658.01,3541,335NEA
2009-052B 35938STSS DEMO 2 (USA 209) US112.558.01,3491,338NEA
2010-046A 37162USA 215 US107.4123.01,1071,101NEA
2010-062A 37222STPSAT-2 (USA 217) US97.472.0647621NEA
2010-062B 37223RAX (USA 218) US97.072.0630602NEA
2010-062C 37224O/OREOS (USA 219) US97.172.0636608NEA
2010-062D 37225FASTSAT-HSV01 (USA 220) US97.472.0647621NEA
2010-062E 37226FALCONSAT 5 (USA 221) US97.472.0648622NEA
2010-062G 37228MINOTAUR 4 R/BUS97.472.0643621NEA
2010-062H 37229HAPS R/BUS111.972.01,4211,209NEA
2010-063A 37232USA 223 US1,436.14.135,95735,616NEA
2011-002A 37348USA 224 US97.297.9994260NEA
2011-006A 37364USA 225 US109.890.21,2331,201NEA
2011-006B 37365MINOTAUR R/BUS109.890.11,2311,202NEA
2011-011A 37377USA 227 US1,436.04.535,80835,762NEA
2011-014A 37386USA 229 US107.463.41,228984NEA
2011-014B 37391USA 229 DEBUS107.463.41,229984NEA
2011-029A 37728ORS-1 (USA 231) US87.740.0162154NEA
2012-014A 38109USA 234 US107.4123.01,1061,102NEA
2012-033A 38466USA 236 US1,436.12.435,80735,767NEA
2012-034A 38528USA 237 US1,436.12.335,98935,584NEA
2012-048A 38758USA 238 US107.463.41,1991,014NEA
2012-048B 38759SMDC ONE 1.2 US96.764.7719482NEA
2012-048C 38760AENEAS US95.664.7618474NEA
2012-048D 38761CSSWE US96.664.7696491NEA
2012-048E 38762CXBN US94.364.7526445NEA
2012-048F 38763POLYSAT CP5 US96.764.7715482NEA
2012-048G 38764CINEMA US96.664.7698489NEA
2012-048H 38765RE US96.764.7708494NEA
2012-048J 38766SMDC ONE 1.1 US96.464.7685484NEA
2012-048N 38770ATLAS CENTAUR R/BUS96.164.7675472NEA
2012-048P 38773USA 238 DEBUS107.463.41,1881,024NEA
2013-043A 39232USA 245 US97.297.9991264NEA
2013-055X 39289FALCON 9 DEBUS92.981.0534302NEA
2013-072A 39462USA 247 US107.4123.01,1071,101NEA
2013-072C 39464FIREBIRD 2 US96.6120.5754441NEA
2013-072F 39467ALICE US97.6120.5829461NEA
2013-072G 39468SNAP-3 US97.4120.5811459NEA
2013-072H 39469MCUBED-2 US97.6120.5823460NEA
2013-072J 39470CUNYSAT-1 US97.3120.5802453NEA
2013-072K 39471IPEX (CP8) US97.6120.5830461NEA
2013-072L 39472SMDC ONE 2.4 US97.4120.5819448NEA
2013-072M 39473TACSAT 6 US97.4120.5810457NEA
2013-072N 39474SMDC ONE 2.3 US97.4120.5808458NEA
2013-072P 39475ATLAS 5 CENTAUR R/BUS98.0120.5850476NEA
2014-020A 39652USA 250 US1,436.11.535,80135,773NEA
2014-027A 39751USA 252 US1,436.12.835,80235,769NEA
2014-055A 40208USA 257 (CLIO) US1,435.40.135,84135,703NEA
2014-081A 40344USA 259 US717.763.439,3141,038NEA
2015-025B 40652USS LANGLEY US92.755.0488324NEA
2015-025C 40653OPTICUBE 01 US90.955.0354287NEA
2015-025D 40654PARKINSONSAT (PSAT) US96.754.7736467NEA
2015-025E 40655BRICSAT-P (NO-83) US93.855.0581343NEA
2015-025F 40656OPTICUBE 02 US93.855.0580344NEA
2015-025G 40657GEARRS-2 US92.655.0479324NEA
2015-025H 40658OPTICUBE 03 US93.955.0584344NEA
2015-058A 40964USA 264 US107.463.51,1211,092NEA
2015-058D 40967FOX-1A (AO-85) US97.664.8764525NEA
2015-058E 40968BISONSAT US97.664.8762525NEA
2015-058F 40969ARC-1 US97.564.8753523NEA
2015-058G 40970SNAP-3 ALICE US97.564.8752522NEA
2015-058H 40971LMRST-SAT US97.664.8763524NEA
2015-058J 40972SNAP-3 EDDIE US97.464.8752520NEA
2015-058K 40973PROPCUBE 3 US97.664.8761522NEA
2015-058L 40974SINOD-D 1 US97.564.8755521NEA
2015-058M 40975SNAP-3 JIMI US97.564.8759521NEA
2015-058N 40976PROPCUBE 1 (FLORA) US97.664.8761522NEA
2015-058P 40977SINOD-D 3 US97.664.8762522NEA
2015-058Q 40978ATLAS 5 CENTAUR R/BUS97.264.8744508NEA
2015-058R 40981USA 264 DEBUS107.463.41,1211,091NEA
2016-010A 41334USA 267 US107.4123.01,1061,101NEA
2016-036A 41584USA 268 US1,436.16.736,04135,533NEA
2016-047A 41724USA 269 US1,436.13.235,80335,770NEA
2016-075B 41880DELTA 4 R/BUS707.226.940,0160NEA
2017-011A 42058USA 274 US107.463.41,1261,086NEA
2017-011B 42065USA 274 DEBUS107.463.51,1241,089NEA
2017-016B 42076DELTA 4 R/BUS705.427.039,9310NEA
2017-022A 42689USA 276 US92.450.0395387NEA
2017-056A 42941USA 278 US717.763.739,1791,174NEA
2017-066A 42949USA 279 US1,436.13.635,80435,769NEA
2018-005A 43145USA 281 US106.8106.01,0811,078NEA
2018-036B 43340USA 284 US1,451.90.936,10136,089NEA
2018-036G 43465USA 287 US1,451.51.036,09936,076NEA
2019-004A 43941USA 290 US92.673.6421392NEA
1976-050C 44230OPS 7837 DEBUS551.962.731,655164NEA
2020-007A 45110USA 294 US96.470.0591581NEA
2020-007B 45111ELECTRON KICK STAGE R/BUS96.270.0588567NEA
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