System Notice

2000 December 3

During 2000 November, downloads from the CelesTrak WWW site grew from 3,577 MB (89% of our limit) to 4,446 MB (111% of our limit)—a growth of 24% in one month. The FTP download portion alone grew from 1,052 MB to 1,604 MB—a growth of 52%. These increased downloads resulted in additional operating costs of $44.60 ($0.10/MB) for November.

Some users are downloading every data file several times a day. As a result, changes are being made to reduce the redundancy in the individual files and eliminate some files altogether. Users who abuse the system will be blocked. Other changes are being considered to keep us within our download limit.

Please, help us by carefully considering the frequency and amount of data you download. Operating costs for this system already run $2,000/year and current growth could drive costs up another $1,000/year. None of these costs are passed on to our users. If we are unable to keep downloads within the 4,000 MB/month limit, we will have to begin limiting service and postponing new capabilities. Thank you for your consideration. — T.S. Kelso